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Virtual rooms that
meet all your needs

Meet your customers in a virtual and secure environment that suits you. Encrypted end-to-end, confidential and customizable, the Aquarium meets the needs of people who want to control their meetings and webinars. Whether you have 5 or 10,000 participants, The Aquarium is the solution you need.

Whether for an office, a meeting room, a conference room or a very large room to organize large-scale events, The Aquarium offers digital spaces of all sizes and adapted to your needs:

• Private offices that can accommodate 5 people or less

• Permanent rooms of all sizes for interactions with your customers

• Auditoriums to present your webinars and major events

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A complete solution to organize
large-scale events

The Aquarium is the solution of choice for your company by covering all your needs and to improve the quality of your digital meetings. Providing you with full integration of your corporate image, security, ease of management and ease of access, our spaces will make your communications effective and enjoyable.

Webcast solution

Discover the Auditorium

Your broadcast studio

Already have a production studio? The Auditorium is a professional solution designed for you and for all image and sound experts. You can use your own encoder or use our digital studio to have the tools to help you with all aspects of digitizing and delivering your webcast events hassle-free.

The Auditorium gives you all the structure you need to create your professional digital studio. To create live events for 500, 1000, 3000 … and up to 10,000 participants. The Auditorium includes an RTMP streaming module to give your stream the ability to broadcast to the widest possible audience.

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Event production

Don't have a production studio? We can help you set up your digital studio. We also offer our management, recording space, camera, lighting, software and professional services through our network of partners, to help you in the production of events on a larger scale.

Our turnkey realization and production service offers you peace of mind. We take care of all aspects of webcasting and partner with you to help manage your conference. Interested in learning more about our comprehensive event production services?

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