Advanced levels of security

In addition to the basic level of room password authentication, we can provide you with two additional levels of security.

User authentication via username and password, or, for even greater protection, domain-level authentication.

This can be completely customized according to your security needs.

The Aquarium can further be upgraded to be compatible with specific operating system, browser and network requirements upon request.

Single Key Authentication

Our rooms are equipped with a unique authentication, if you wish to make your events private. It is a non-transferable token with a single use, which guarantees that the people invited are the same ones who will participate in your event. Each Auditorium is secure and equipped with unique key authentication. Your Auditorium is hosted on Canadian servers with no foreign control.


The Aquarium allows you to convert your conferences into paying events thanks to our online ticketing option to facilitate their monetization.

The ticketing system allows to monetize webinars, meetings, courses, conferences, live shows, performances, in short everything you want.

Non-transferable link authentication provides a simple and secure shopping flow for your entire audience and sharing links to a single event page makes engagement easier.

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